Note: The text below is a translation of our petition, meant to illustrate what we stand for. It is not the exact petition!

1) The climate threat is real and imminent. Today we know that rapid climate change is already in motion and that it is caused by human emissions. These changes threaten the very foundations of our civilization. Effective measures to avert the climate threat must not be postponed, or prioritized away. The climate can not negotiated with.

2) Whats done is not enough. The actions taken or promised today are insufficient to prevent serious environmental problems in the near future. We must urgently adapt to a society that is climatically sustainable.

3) The problem is global. Many of the countries worst affected by climate change are poor and do not have resources to protect themselves against harmful effects. We in the rich part of the world have a responsibility to support them – both financially and by rapidly reducing our own carbon footprint. Without such measures, extreme weather conditions will afflict the world increasingly often, and become increasingly worse mainly in the parts of the world least equipped to handle catastrphy.

4) The economy and ecology go hand in hand. A child can figure out that it is not profitable to devastate the conditions for our survival. Our policymakers must have the courage to lead the way in seting the game plan for the economy to quickly lifts us out of fossil fuel dependency and of climate friendly and resource saving technologies. Those are the guidelines for future success.

5) The good life is climate friendly. During an excessively long time, increased prosperity automatically brought greater pressure on the environment and climate. Despite this, it is quite clear that our quality of life does not increase if we pollute more. On the contrary, the good life we ​​want requires a sustainable environment and hope for the future of our children. Those in power must listen to us and make it easy to choose a climate friendly lifestyle.